Concrete driveway services in the northern rivers


Add value to your home

From new builds to extensions, we at Wayne Hall Concreting provide quality driveway installations for commercial and residential clients. Driveways play an important role at your home or business and the right one will increase the value and add curb appeal.

If, however, your current driveway has seen better days, our expert tradesmen will add an overlay to get it looking like new again. An overlay will add strength, increase the dimensions and give the exterior of your home or business a fresh new look.

Concrete driveways are also available in a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from. Stamped patterns bring added texture, colour and luxury, making it the ideal finishing touch to your home’s exterior. In commercial settings, stamped concrete enhances valet porticos, office buildings and unloading zones.
Driveways — Concrete Driveways in Northern Rivers, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does concrete crack?
If new concrete cracks, it’s usually because it was mixed improperly. All concrete has small percentage of water in it which evaporates during the curing process. When there’s too much water in the concrete, cracks form through evaporation.
Does the concrete on my driveway need to be reinforced?
How long will concrete stain last?