Concrete pathways in the northern rivers


Add style and function to your home

At Wayne Hall Concreting, we understand the impact a well-made pathway can have. For residential homes, pathways direct people to your door and around your garden. Paths also prevent leaves, dirt and debris from being tracked inside. For guests, pathways provide a level surface, making walking easier and safer.

For commercial and industrial properties, pathways direct foot traffic and offer protection from vehicles that are entering and leaving the premises. They also provide disabled patrons with a surface on which they can maneuver wheelchairs or scooters. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, our experience and quality craftsmanship will add that pathway your property is missing.
Pathway — Concrete Pathway in Northern Rivers, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a pathway?
Depending on the length, it should only take a few hours from excavation to finishing. It will also depend on the location and whether or not a truck has access. If the location requires the concrete to be brought to the site with wheelbarrows, it’ll take a little longer.
Will my new path require any maintenance?
How long does the concrete take to cure?