Pool surrounds in the northern rivers


Complete your outdoor space

Add the finishing touch to your pool with concrete designs that are stylish, functional and textured to prevent slipping. If your existing pool surround is worn or could use an update, our skilled tradesmen offer painting and resurfacing to bring it back to life.

Is your current surround too small? A pool surround extension is an excellent way to give your outdoor space a whole new look. An extension widens the area around your pool to allow room for furniture, firepits, standing heaters or plants. It’ll give you the most use of the space around your pool and is ideal for those who enjoy entertaining.
Swimming Pool — Pool Surrounds in Northern Rivers, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the paint on my pool surround fade, peel or crack?
The paints used for surrounds are formulated to resist fading, peeling or cracking. However, by adding regular sealing to your maintenance plan, the paint will last much longer.
How often should I resurface my pool surround?
When is the best time of year to have my swimming pool resurfaced?