Retaining walls in the northern rivers


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At Wayne Hall Concreting, our experienced team is skilled at designing and building retaining walls to prevent earth from shifting, making otherwise unusable land usable.

We take into account all contributing factors when designing retaining wall like drainage and erosion patterns. We do this to ensure that the wall we build will withstand years of pressure. Then, using only quality materials, we construct the wall to high standards. We know a lot depends on the stability of our work and we’ll never cut corners or use inferior materials. We guarantee it.
Besser block — Retaining Walls in Northern Rivers, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

Do retaining walls require drainage?
Yes. When designing a retaining wall, it’s important to make sure that water has a way to move away from the wall. If water were allowed to remain, it could shorten the life of the concrete and other materials.
How do I know if I really need a retaining wall?
How does a concrete retaining wall differ than a block retaining wall?